Solutions for the Modern Jewellery Retailer and Distributor

Discover the industry leading platform which automates the pricing and production of fine jewellery made from digital files, delivered just-in-time worldwide.

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The Platform for Digital Jewellers

Cadfolio provides a proven framework to manage multiple single piece custom orders over multiple retail locations at scale. With no minimum order quantity, you can be confident that we are the perfect partner to help you thrive in the digital economy.

Leading Technology

Experience instant pricing and visualisation of digital jewellery designs from the automatic analysis of 3D models.

Quality Products

Partnerships with the most prestigious manufacturers worldwide ensure the highest standards of quality control.

Reliable Delivery

Over 10 years experience with the automation of single piece mass manufacturing and high volume workflow.

Customisable Mountings

Don't be limited by a traditional printed catalogue, price 1000's of style's instantly online in any combination of stone size, precious metal and diamond quality.

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Custom Design Framework

Our custom design framework allows you to work with multiple vetted CAD designers on multiple jobs at the same time without the need to handle any CAD files. Instant pricing and visualisation technology make it easy for staff to interact with customers from a single interface with just a few clicks.

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Instant 3D Model Pricing

Drag and drop your 3DM file onto our platform and get instant pricing and visualisation of that design in any metal and stone quality. With just a few click you can then customise the design and order it for delivery in a matter of days.

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Ecommerce Platform

Building and maintaining a fully comprehensive ecommerce website is traditionally seen as one of the most difficult tasks that jewellery retailers face. With Cadfolio you can create a fully comprehensive ecommerce website that requires minimal maintenance, and takes just minutes to setup, ready to make sales.

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