• About us

  • Cadfolio was founded to solve a single problem faced by all jewellers, to make it easier to price, visualise and order fine jewellery made from digital files, designed by 3D modellers around the world.
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Our Mission

At Cadfolio, we believe there is a better way to design and manufacture fine jewellery. A more interactive, frictionless way where digital analysis and data is used to streamline the whole production process. We are passionate about creating tools that jewellers use to offer fully customised products within their business, both online and in store.

We’re excited to automate the design and manufacturing process through the use of groundbreaking technology and thoughtful interface design. Our mission is to support jewellers worldwide with our technology and bring about the next revolution in jewellery retail through our software, education and community.

Our Founder

Cadfolio was founded by Ryan Edkins in 2015. It was borne out of Ryan’s experience in growing a multi £million jewellery retail chain built solely on the digital inventory model. The idea was simple. Create a place where jewellers can communicate with 3D modellers from around the world to create custom design, then pair this with automated pricing technology to enable seamless production. Ryan continues to lead the way in experimental retail experiences, applying only proven techniques to the cadfolio platform for retailers to enjoy.

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Where to Next

We are just at the beginning of our mission to transform the jewellery industry and provide remarkable experiences for both our users and their customers. Our vision is to provide a central platform where freelancers, suppliers and retailers can conduct business easily and, with less friction. Join us on our journey, and take part in the digital revolution that is upon us.