• Automated 3D File Analysis

  • For those that prefer to use their own in house CAD designers, use our 3D analysation tools to get an instant prices for any 3D model in a matter of seconds.
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Step 1 - Upload your File

Prepare your 3DM file to our standardisation guidelines and drag it onto our platform for automatic analysis and instant pricing.

Step 2 - Specify Stone Types

Inspect the technical drawing provided and selected the stone types you wish to include in virtual renders created by our platform. Drag and drop the manufacturing 3dm file from which we will make the product.

Step 3 - Check & Save

Whilst the platform is rendering your file check the stone content and select single word tag descriptors to allow the design to be found easily after upload.

Step 4 - Price & Order

Price and order your model in multiple metals and diamond qualities as a mount, semi mount or fully finished product.