• Custom Design Framework

  • Use our proven custom design framework to manage multiple custom design jobs over multiple store locations with ease.
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Step 1 - Post a Job

Post a custom design job detailing stone sizes, images or sketches of the design and referencing existing designs as required.

Step 2 - Accept a CAD Quote

Receive quotations from available freelance 3D modellers to create the digital design and pay your chosen one with a single click.

Step 3 - Review the Design

Receive a link to price the design online as a mount, semi mount or fully finished product. Press a single button to forward the design to your customer with your logo applied.

Step 4 - Place Your Order

Discuss and request changes on a dedicated job view that records every discussion and iteration of the design. Once confirmed by the customer, order the product customised to their specification.

We vet all freelance 3D modellers to ensure their skills are to the highest standard and only approved freelancers are able to quote for custom jobs. Working with freelancers worldwide ensures fast and scalable custom design service, whilst also reducing the cost considerably yourself and your customer.