• Customisable Mountings

  • Digital design allows mass customisation and personalisation meaning you are no longer limited to a single product available in just a few finger sizes. Search our growing database of customisable products and price them instantly to your customers exact requirement.
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Step 1 - Find a Mount

Search through 1000’s of digital jewellery designs using simple filters and keywords. Click on the designers name to see their portfolio of digital jewellery designs.

Step 2 - Customise It

Change the metal and stone selections to customise and price the product, visually see the changes you are making. Click “Modify this Style� to get a quote from the designer to modify the design to fit your stones.

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Step 3 - Remove Any Stones

Remove the stone content using the red button and price the design as a mount, semi mount or fully finished product. See the price update instantly in the exact specification you selected, with or without stones.

Step 4 - Place Your Order

Add the custom product to the basket and checkout for dispatch within the specified lead time.

In just a few clicks any staff member is able to customise and order any product exact to the customers specification. Empower your staff with the tools they require to secure a sale, no matter the customer enquiry.

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