• Fitted Wedding Rings

  • Our unique fitted wedding ring service solves a common complaint made by brides - having to part with their engagement ring. Using our mould kit, your customer can take an impression of their engagement ring in store, or even in the comfort of their own home.
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Step 1 - Mould The Ring

Use the mould kit to take an impression of the customers engagement ring. Simply combine the 2 balls of putty to activate the mould and press the engagement into it.

Step 2 - Send in the Mould

After a few minutes, the mould will harden allowing you to remove the engagement ring to leave an impression. Send the mould to our service centre partner with design instructions for 3D scanning, and we then post the custom job into the platform on your account.

Step 3 - Accept a Quote

Accept one of the quotes given by a freelance 3D modeller, and they proceed with the design as instructed. The designer will then create a perfectly fitted wedding ring against the 3D scan taken from the mould.

Step 4 - Review the Design

You receive detailed visual images showing how the 2 rings fit together, and can send the images to your customer in just a few clicks.

By taking a mould of the engagement ring, we are able to produce an exact replica which we then 3D scan. We have a success rate of producing perfectly fitting wedding rings above 99.4% using this method, and it is one of the key revenue drivers for our users.