• Customer Facing Pricing Tools

  • Provide your staff with a branded in-store pricing interface and give them the ability to customise and personalise any listed product directly in front of the customer with your margin applied.
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Step 1 - Curate Collections

Curate a collection of digital products to support a physical inventory that your customer can touch and feel. Simply click on a product you like and click on the collection you wish to add it to on your website.

Step 2 - Set Your Margins

Apply your margins using easy to use sliders that automatically update all of your digital product selections instantly. Choose targeted margins for specific metal alloys, diamond sizes and gemstone types.

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Step 3 - Bookmark The Link

Bookmark your pricing tool for easy access from any internet enabled device, ready for staff to search your curated products within seconds.

Step 4 - Price with Customer

Customise any product to your customers specification and allow them to visually see the changes they are making live on screen.

Your stock becomes the gateway to thousands of variations of a single design, with the ability to order any specification made to order within a short lead time. Empower your staff with the ability to give an instant price no matter the enquiry and see an immediate increase in conversions.